V e l k o m i n

                                Takið þér spjót


Welcome and grab your spears!

      On this page I am going to give you an insight of the ancient Norse life style,

               mythology and magic in the times of the old Vikings settling down in Scandinavia.

From the beginning to the end of the mythical nine worlds, of what has

been created and destroyed, retelling the old songs and sagas of the warriors

from the north writing history a long time ago.



  Yet this page does only includes the lessons of Runes but I am doing

     my best to keep up with everything else with this subject as good as I can.


     For constant updates of information you can follow me on my Tumblr blog.

        Also, if you have ideas, further information, questions or if you see errors on

this page please contact me.


This page is still in its construction, so please be patient about new information.

Sie sind Besucher Nr.

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